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Looking to get rid of old college books? Want to find used college books at a fraction of the cost of new? Get $10 off plus a free t-shirt on your next school book order of $200 or more.  Whether you're home schooling, need to purchase books for junior high, high, junior college, college, graduate school, law school or if you're going for your PhD, we know you could always use a way to save money. 

Education is expensive enough without the high cost of textbooks.  It's bad enough you have to pay $60, $70, $80 and higher for one book you'll only use for a few weeks... just imagine having to buy 6 or 7 books per semester.  Buying school books at a 50% savings means you'll save hundreds each semester.  Over the course of your  program you will save thousands.  And, when you go to sell your books you'll be getting top dollar.  You don't have to be an Economics student to understand what effect saving money on when you buy and getting top dollar when you sell will do for your wallet.  Click on the above logo to help support a service disabled veteran owned business and to find out how to buy and sell college books online.

Partial List Of Coursework Covered: mathematics, biology, calculus, health, micro economics, macro economics, business, marketing, advertising, C++, Perl, .html, Flash, Microsoft, accounting, finance, business law, law, physics, sociology, psychology, psychiatry, dental sciences, medical sciences, Spanish, French, English, German, Chinese, creative writing, technical writing, drawing, sculpting, dance, humanities, Latin, American history, European history, literature, film studies, screenwriting, quantitative analysis, architecture, graphic design, illustration, promotion, copywriting, MBA, physical education, computer information systems, leadership studies, hospitality, international business, international marketing, web marketing studies, web promotion studies, search engine optimization studies, health care management, orthopedics, chiropractics, engineering, drafting, electrical engineering, telecommunications, Microsoft certification, branding, internships, dissertations, thesis, military sciences, theology, drama, piano, jazz guitar, management information systems, computer information systems, graduate research, gaming theory, market strategy, human resource management, statistics, human behavior management, ecology, marine sciences, environmental sciences, safety practices, global studies, research, criminal justice, network administration, programming, information technologies, visual communications, media planning, media buying, business administration, web design, web development, database administration, web integration, e-business, eCommerce, political science, geometry, trigonometry, world cultures, chemistry, desktop publishing, computer graphics, sign language and more.


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